Monday, June 29, 2009

-- create --

do what you love, and make it change the world.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

let's make this thing go viral

Hey everyone!!

I wish I knew just how many people read my blog. Cause that would be cool...BUT...I have just decided that I want to make this video go viral. It is of Noteworthy (the a cappella group I am in) singing 'Listen' from Dreamgirls in Oregon. We love the great state of Oregon and have grown attached. I have decided that if everyone who sees this video...posted it somewhere, or e-mailed it to a couple of their friends, then we could potentially get a few more dedicated fans. is your time. Here is the challenge:

Share this link/video with all of your friends

Then, you will be Noteworthy's best friends forever.
That's a big deal.

I LOVE YOU ALL! - and let me know what you think :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I have found a new love in life and her name is

Laura Izibor.

I don't really know how to say her last name, but i'm over it. Not important.
What is important is the fact that she sings sweet lullabies to my heart and I absolutely love it.


Go listen and learn.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Jen Vlogs

hey all! I am in a play. It is called Standing Still Standing, and I play Jen, the best friend of the leading lady. Anyway, I do VLOGS (wideo blogs) every Wednesday, on the blog above, to advertise for the show. If you want, you should check it out. You should also tell everyone you know about it. We are trying to get the word out, and ya...share this blog with everyone. Go.

I love you all.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let That Be Enough

tomorrow is my birthday. is it sad that i am more looking forward to saturday? it is always weird spending holidays away from family. even tho i have tons of friends here, birthdays just aren't the same without a birthday dinner at grandma's and my family singing happy birthday. 22 isn't a big deal, but i guess i am just beginning the understand that the more birthdays you have, the less they begin to matter.


I wish I had what I needed
To be on my own
'Cause I feel so defeated
And I'm feeling alone

And it all seems so helpless
And I have no plans
I'm a plane in the sunset
With nowhere to land

And all I see
It could never make me happy
And all my sand castles
Spend their time collapsing

Let me know that You hear me
Let me know Your touch
Let me know that You love me
And let that be enough

It's my birthday tomorrow
No one here could know
I was born this Thursday
22 years ago

And I feel stuck
Watching history repeating
Yeah, who am I?
Just a kid who knows he's needy

Let me know that You hear me
Let me know Your touch
Let me know that You love me
And let that be enough