Sunday, August 9, 2009

this is a lot longer than i thorugh it would be


i've been home for approximately 2 weeks. and it has been great fun. went beach camping with the family, which was AMAZING! I really enjoy time with my extended family. It is much more enjoyable than it used to be. Growing up I never had a super close cousin friend, cause no one was my age. So I always felt like the odd one out and therefore ended up just sitting around with the adults and listening to them talk. That's all I do now, but the difference is that I understand all of the hilarious things they are saying and I can actually contribute to the fun. It is great and I get to do all the grownup things (play games) that I wasn't allowed to in my earlier years. The adults are all really nice and they do the age cut-off for fun activities at 20. I am finally making the cut!

tomorrow, i'm doing an acting workshop for some of the kiddies in EGMTC. Landon was going to do it with me, but she is stuck in Loomis (how sad) so i'm gonna hafta fly solo. It'll still be good. I'm excited.

This weekend was the first ever YSA conference for ALL of California. It was fun. There could have been a few things I would have changed, but overall I enjoyed it. Especially the Sunday session. There were a lot of GREAT talks, and I really was able to feel the spirit and get some personal revelation.

I'm excited to head back to Provo on Wednesday. It feels like I've been gone for years, and I miss everyone. I'm super excited to be able to hear Kik speak at her graduation. Her speech is absolutely AMAZING, and I already feel famous cause I am her bestie. I also can't wait to see Cath. I miss you terribly, and It'll be great to just hang with her for a while.

I'm excited for NW, but I'll keep that topic and save it for it's own post, cause I could go on for years.

I just made a new blog called: the roommate blog for me and Katie. It is going to be a video blog, and we have already posted twice. I'm excited, cause it'll be a good way for her and I to just cool off and have fun while we are roommates this upcoming year.

that is all for now.


~Stappsters~ said...

thanks for sharing...I am deeply moved...almost to tears and all...can I be in one of your videos...I'm really dramatic (you can fly me in for a cameo).

Cindy Jensen said...

um, I think it is time for you to update this blog:)

Cindy Jensen said...

really it's time

johny said...

this blog is inactive

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